Rex Prichett

Rex Pritchett III – Owner / Plantation Manager

rex rex Rex Prichett

Rex Prichett

Rex Pritchett III retired from Coca Cola in 1999 as General Sales Manager. As part of his job, he would take customers hunting to various lodges. As a result, he learned what he liked and disliked about the way they were operated. He also, realized he had everything he needed to host these people right where he was. Rex’s family plantation, now Great Southern Outdoors, dates back to the 1800’s and is abundant with wildlife of various species… Deer, Turkey, Wild hogs, Coyote, Bob Cats, and Quail, as well as creeks, ponds and small lakes. Rex worked with the State of Alabama Conservation Department to put together a Trophy management program for 20 years before opening Great Southern Outdoors. He continues to work to improve the business and quality of the experience. He teaches his guides before they put a hunter in a stand to ask themselves, “Would I pay to sit here”. Rex takes pride in the management of the property and strives to make it even better to continue the legacy and be able to hand it down to his descendants.

Rex enjoys managing the thousands of acres of Great Southern Outdoors Wildlife Plantation exclusively for wildlife. He plants hundreds of acres of crops, all of which are intended to be harvested by the wildlife. The quality of his guests’ experience is always uppermost in his thoughts. Rex is one of those unique individuals known as a people person; and this is evident in his great concern for providing a quality experience.

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