Quail Hunting


Quail Hunts October 1st – March 31st

Great Southern Outdoors is known for its outstanding Southern quail hunting, offering more options, more birds and more fun! In addition to traditional Bob White Quail, we also offer Tennessee Red Quail and Chukar. You may request exclusive coveys of either or a mixed bag. There is no limit to the number of birds you may shoot, and you now have the option of adding extra bird packages to further enhance your opportunities.

Alabama Quail Hunting, Georgia quail hunting, North Carolina, Kentucky and Texas quail hunting are all top destinations for quail plantations; but Alabama’s long-standing tradition is legendary. Great Southern Outdoors is located in the Bird Dog Field Trial Capital of the World – Union Springs, Alabama.

Quail hunting in this area has been a gentleman’s sport since the 1800’s when plantation owners would get together for some friendly competition. It is as much fun now as it was a hundred years ago, with our well-trained Alabama bird dogs, classic Southern cuisine, and gracious hospitality.

Great Southern Outdoors’ Staff of outdoor professionals are committed to delivering serious fun and a quality Alabama Quail Hunting experience. You are sure to have a memorable experience watching well-trained dogs work, exercising your wing shooting skills, and just being in the Great Southern Outdoors.

Great Southern Outdoors was chosen as one of four plantations in Alabama to host Quail Forever, RealTree, and Alabama Black Belt Adventures in February of 2018, showcasing the rich habitats that support generations of quail hunting traditions in the south.

Check out the Summer 2018 article in Quail Forever about their adventures here.

Here are the options: 

Alabama Quail Hunting Packages

Alabama Quail Hunting Packages

Full Day (Includes Lunch)
16 Birds each
$795* per person

Half Day (Includes Lunch)
12 Birds each
$525* per person

Full Split Day Hunt – 1/2 Day PM Hunt and 1/2 Day AM Hunt (Includes 
Lodging + Meals)
10 Birds each (per hunt)
$925* per person

*Prices based on 3 or more shooter. $50 per hunt, per shooter will be 
added for groups of only 2

Additional Meals and Lodging May Be Added to All Packages (See Extras)
(over limit fee $6 per bird – no cleaning fee on basic hunt)

Now offering exclusive Extra Bird Packages:

We now offer the opportunity to take your hunt to the next level with 
a variety of additional birds. These extra bird packages may be shared 
between multiple hunters on the same field.

Plan A:       50 Extra Birds

(25 Bob Whites & 25 Tennessee Reds)      $500

($1 per bird cleaning fee on extra birds only)

Plan B:       100 Extra Birds

(50 Bob Whites & 50 Tennessee Reds)      $1000

($1 per bird cleaning fee on extra birds only)

Overnight lodging package

Hunters Hideout Hotel-     $150 per person/per night

Dinner, Breakfast and lunch are all included

Call us today to find out more about our Quail Tournaments for your private group  334-738-5066

*Great Southern Outdoors is the only plantation in the country to offer Alabama Quail Hunting Tournaments for your corporate or private group. Our average harvest rate is 1,800 birds during the 2-day event. For more information, please give us a call today.

Call us: (334) 738-5066

Enjoy the complete hunting experience. Hunt over 6,000 acres of private fields on our farmlands.

Are you an avid hunter? Hunting for Quail is ideal in Alabama as the conditions are perfect. In Alabama, hunters can go after unlimited birds, unlike in Georgia or Florida. Alabama is well known for being the go-to Quail hunting hub in the United States, and as word catches on, more and more people travel out to the state to enjoy the sport of Quail hunting. Find out what you have been missing. For more information and to book an Alabama Quail Hunt, visit great southern outdoors dot com or call 334-738-5066 today.

Call us: (334) 738-5066

Enjoy the complete hunting experience. Hunt over 6,000 acres of private fields on our farmlands.