Price List

*Active Duty Military receive a $200.00 discount off their Alabama Deer Hunting trip. Youth under 16 and ladies receive 10% off their Alabama Deer Hunting Trip. Discounts are not applicable on bow hunts

*Non-hunting guests will pay $100 per day for lodging from October 15-December 31; $200 per day January 1-February 10

*Airport pickup: $100 fee per hunter for pickup and drop-off at Montgomery Airport

*10% Gratuity to be added to Deer, Turkey, Quail Hunts + Private Pheasant Shoots.

Alabama Whitetail Bow Hunts
$300.00 per day (3 day minimum)
October 15-November 15th
$1100.00 (3 day hunt)
November 16th-December 31st
$1300.00 (3 day hunt)
January 1-February 10 (Rut)
Alabama Black Powder (Early Season Special Hunt Dates)
$1695.00 (3 day hunt)
November 14th-November 17th
Alabama Whitetail Pre-Rut Gun Hunts
$1495.00 (3 day hunt)
November 19th-December 31st
Alabama Whitetail Early-Rut Gun Hunts
$1695.00 (3 day hunt)
January 1st-January 8th
Alabama Whitetail Full-Rut Gun Hunts
$1895.00 (3 day hunt)
January 9th-February 10th
Alabama Christmas Children’s Hunt Special
$1695.00 (Additional buck may be harvested for $750.00)
December 19th-22nd, 2022
Alabama Couples Special Whitetail Hunt (includes return Hog Hunt)
November 19th-December 31st
January 1st-January 8th
January 9th-February 10th
Alabama Shared Whitetail Hunt (2 Hunters sitting together using 1 Weapon)
November 19th-December 31st
January 1st-January 8th
Alabama Deer Hunter Addiction Combo
Book two 3-day hunts; 1 pre-rut (before January) and 1 rut (January or February)
Alabama Hog Hunting
2 nights lodging, home cooked meals & Guide Fee
$900 (Special dates only)
3 nights lodging, homecooked meals & Guide Fee
(Hog hunts run late Feb thru mid-September. Please click "Hog Hunts" on our Home page and scroll down to see available dates.)
$250 Per night
Meals & Lodging
Full Day (Includes Lunch)
16 Birds each
$575 per person
Half Day (Includes Lunch)
12 Birds each
$400 per person
Full Split Day Hunt - 1/2 Day PM Hunt and 1/2 Day AM Hunt (Includes Lodging + Meals)
10 Birds each (per hunt)
$845 per person
Addional Meals and Lodging May Be Added to All Packages (See Extras)
(over limit fee $6 per bird – no cleaning fee on basic hunt)
These extra bird packages may be shared between multiple hunters on the same field.
Plan A: 50 Extra Birds (25 Bob Whites & 25 Tennessee Reds) $300 ($1 per bird cleaning fee on extra birds only)
Plan B: 100 Extra Birds (50 Bob Whites & 50 Tennessee Reds) $600 ($1 per bird cleaning fee on extra birds only)
Overnight lodging package Hunters Hideout Hotel- $150 per person/per night Dinner, Breakfast and lunch are all included
2 Day Hunt
$3000.00 (1) mature gobbler with Meals and lodging
3 Day Hunt
$3500.00 (2) mature gobblers with Meals and lodging
Couples Deer Hunt Special Hunt
Pre-rut - $2595
November-December 31st
Includes Free Return Hog Hunt ($100 each required for guide)
Early-Rut - $2995
January 1st-January 8th
Full-Rut - $3295
January 9th-Febraury 10th
Active Duty Military Special Whitetail Deer Hunts (Does not Apply To Bow Hunts)
$200 Discount on hunt package
Alabama Hog Wild Blowout Special
$600 for meals, guide & 2 NIGHTS Lodging
(Hog hunts run late February thru mid-September. Available dates can be located by clicking Hog Hunts on our home page)
$900 for meals, guide & 3 NIGHTS Lodging (Special dates only)
$250 per person
Unless otherwise listed on Pheasant Page
Package A
Up to 24 shooters
Package B
40-50 shooters

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