Outdoor Women of Alabama

Outdoor Women of Alabama’s purpose is to bring more Ladies into the great outdoors and the exciting experiences of the Hunting World. If you are not a hunter but think you might like to get into hunting, this is a great way for you and your friends to get started. Keep in mind that the outdoor world is not limited to hunting though. Many ladies enjoy fishing, hiking, kayaking, and other sorts of outdoor activities. Those too, are Outdoor Women! If you enjoy the outdoors and would like to build friendships with other Outdoor Women, get started today at Outdoor Women of Alabama at Great Southern Outdoors on Facebook


Outdoor Women of Alabama is currently making some big changes. Keep checking in to see what new and exciting things we come up with.

In the meantime, remember that WOMEN ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT GREAT SOUTHERN OUTDOORS. We are a family oriented establishment and your children are always welcome here. Our greatest joy would be to see your children bring their children to hunt with us in the future.

Ladies receive a 10% discount on our Gun Deer Hunts and we offer a His & Hers special that provides deep discounts for couples and even includes a return hog hunt the following year. Call today to book your next big adventure.

Call us: (334) 738-5066

Enjoy the complete hunting experience. Hunt over 6,000 acres of private fields on our farmlands.