Marie “Sally” Jones

Marie “Sally” Jones – Head Chef


At Great Southern Outdoors, we understand that good food is one of the most important parts of any activity. We are especially fortunate to have Mrs. Marie Jones as head of our culinary department. She is affectionately known to her many friends as “Sally”; and to everyone else as Mrs. Jones. All it takes is one meal and she quickly becomes the favorite member of our Number One Team of Outdoor Professionals in Alabama. Union Springs is widely known as the quail hunting capital of the world, primarily because of our world class quail hunting. It is only after a trip to Great Southern Outdoors that people learn the real reason – it is Mrs. Jones’ southern fried quail. She also has a special touch with venison steaks, fried deer fingers, catfish and pork steaks.

Her years of experience as a professional chef, and cooking for her family and friends all come together on a plate of her delicious southern cuisine. If you talk really sweet, she might be willing to share some of her seasoning secrets with you. She is known for a number of specialties, including her banana pudding and her famous Sweet Potato Cobbler.

Our accommodations are clean and comfortable, and the hunting is some of the best you’ll find anywhere – but as the old saying goes, the food is definitely something you’ll write home about. No matter what the game you come after, you’ll definitely go “over the limit” at meal tim

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