Khimie Parrish

Khimie Parrish


Great Southern’s Outdoor Women of Alabama division is a unique program designed to emphasize the excitement an adventure of hunting to women. Khimie Parrish is an avid hunter – she says her favorite color is camouflage. She is one of the most successful hunters, male or female, you will find; and she loves to share her love of hunting with other women. She, together with Sugar Walker, heads up Great Southern’s Outdoor Women of Alabama program, which includes the “Coffee Time” monthly competition and special hunts exclusively for outdoor women. Khimie is an accomplished bow hunter, and skilled with firearms as well. You might think of her as a modern day Annie Oakley. Although Annie is known for her exhibition shooting, she got her start by hunting food for her family, and continued her love of hunting her entire life. Khimie and Sugar are planning various events for beginners which will introduce different types of weapons options and offer basic instruction.

“Coffee Time” is a great way to get started, whether you are an experienced hunter, or just beginning to think about getting started. It begins with a photograph of a Great Southern Outdoors coffee cup in any outdoor setting. The photos are posted on social media, and each month a winning entry is selected. The monthly winners are then invited to participate in a free hog hunt or pheasant shoot exclusively for Great Southern’s Outdoor Women of Alabama. Visit the Outdoor Women link to learn more about this exciting program.

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