Hog Hunting

Hog Hunting

If you’re a hunter in the south, you know that wild hogs have entirely taken over the land across the southeast. As a free-range property, Great Southern Outdoors is no exception.  By harvesting hogs throughout the year, more importantly, focusing on February through September (outside of regular hunting season), we have been able to put a dent in the population of this invasive species.

Do you want to enjoy a fun vacation while managing an ever-growing wild hog population? Great Southern Outdoors has you covered! With our exciting FREE Alabama Hog Hunts, you can satisfy your outdoor cravings while waiting for the Alabama deer season. From February through September, enjoy our comfortable accommodations and our notoriously great food, and hunt for your Alabama trophy boar or meat hogs at night and in the early morning and fish.

We hunt over bait, and we have equipped our hog-infested areas with feeders that have motion-detector lights to allow you to get that perfect shot on a trophy hog. Our 6,000-acre plantation is a natural habitat for these animals, and they can quickly get out of control without proper management. This is why we offer hunters a chance to come to hunt our Alabama wild hogs for FREE, only having to pay for lodging and meals.

Our FREE hog hunts include on-site lodging, meals, and no limit on the number of hogs you harvest. There are also no trophy fees or cleaning fees! This is an Alabama Hog Hunting experience like no other, as our guides have worked hard to find the perfect spots to set hunters up in areas with heavy signs of wild hog activity. Call us today to book your unforgettable Alabama wild hog hunt at Great Southern Outdoors!

Alabama Hog Hunting Prices

Great Southern Outdoors Wild Hog Blowout

$600: Includes two nights lodging, home-cooked meals, and a guide fee

2023 Hog Hunts

$600: Includes two nights lodging, home-cooked meals, and guide fee


$900: Includes three nights lodging, home-cooked meals, and guide fee (Select dates only. See below for availability)

Licensing Requirements – Out-of-state Hunters over the age of 16 will need a 3-day small game, non-resident license beginning on the first day of their hunt ($47.55). The start time for your hunt should be 4:30 p.m. The resident small game license is $18.90, but your annual all-game permit applies. All hunters, regardless of age, will need to purchase a Baiting Privilege License ($15.45 for residents & $52.45 for non-residents) and a Nighttime Feral Swine & Coyote License ($15.00 for residents & $51.00 for non-residents). The state does add taxes to license purchases. (Licensing requirements are issued by the State of Alabama and are subject to change. These changes are beyond the control of Great Southern Outdoors)

February 24-26 BOOKED

February 28-March 2 (mid-week) – BOOKED

March 3-5 BOOKED

March 9-12 3 NIGHT HUNT $900 – BOOKED

March 14-16 (mid-week) – BOOKED

March 17-19 – BOOKED

March 21-23 (mid-week) – BOOKED

March 31-April 2 – BOOKED

April 4-6 (mid-week) – BOOKED

April 13-16 3 NIGHT HUNT $900 – BOOKED

April 25-27 (mid-week) – BOOKED

April 28-30 – BOOKED

May 9-11 (mid-week)

May 12-14 – BOOKED

May 23-25 (mid-week)

May 26-28

June 9-11

June 23-25

July 7-9

July 21-23

August 1-3 (mid-week)

August 4-6

August 15-17 (mid-week)

August 18-20

August 29-31 (mid-week)

September 1-3

September 5-7 (mid-week)

September 14-17 3 NIGHT HUNT $900

Groups of 15 or more may inquire about scheduling a private hunt (subject to availability) **Minimum of 15 hunters pricing must be paid in full regardless of less showing up**


Call us: (334) 738-5066

Enjoy the complete hunting experience. Hunt over 6,000 acres of private fields on our farmlands.