Ginger Curry

Ginger Curry – Business Manager


Anyone who calls Great Southern Outdoors will most likely be greeted by Ginger Curry. She has been a part of Great Southern Outdoors since the second year open to the general public. Ginger has an extensive background in business management and marketing and has been a vital part of the growth of Great Southern Outdoors. Ginger handles the bookings, event planning, and general business operations. If you have a question, she can usually answer it, if not, she knows who can.

Ginger is an accomplished hunter in her own right. Her thorough knowledge of hunting and of the GSO plantation, combined with her sincere concern for others result in a level of customer care that is unequalled in the hunting industry. She pays careful attention to details to make certain that your experience at Great Southern Outdoors is memorable and enjoyable. Ginger is an integral part of the Outdoor Women of Alabama at Great Southern Outdoors program. Give her a call, she will be happy to help you arrange your next outdoor adventure.

Call us: (334) 738-5066

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