Doug Schofield

Doug Schofield - Public Relations / Marketing


As a lifelong outdoorsman, Doug has deep roots in the outdoor world. He grew up hunting quail on the family farms back when there was abundant fence row habitat and plenty of quail. Squirrel and rabbits were frequently on the menu at home as well. He witnessed the development of modern bow hunting, and even holds patents on various hunting products. His years of work in the conservation community on both the state and national level have been focused on reasonable use and sound management of wildlife habitat and resources. His sons grew up hunting the piney woods, and fishing the beaver ponds of South Alabama and are active in various aspects of the hunting industry today.

Doug is proud to be a member of the Number One Team of Outdoor Professionals in Alabama at Great Southern Outdoors. He is involved in assuring that our guests are extended the best of Southern hospitality. Good food, comfortable accommodations and an enjoyable hunt are the primary elements of a memorable outdoor experience. The meals at Great Southern Outdoors are a far cry from a can of beany wennies warmed on the manifold of an old pick-up; and the nice hotel-style rooms are certainly more comfortable that an old army surplus pup tent. The hunting is some of the finest you find anywhere because, our thousands of acres of wildlife plantation are intensively managed to provide excellent habitat and nutrition for all species of wildlife.

Come and spend some time with us at Great Southern Outdoors and you will discover the reasons that most of our guests come back again and again.

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