Deer Hunting in Alabama as a Couple 2020

Have you ever considered deer hunting in Alabama, as a couple?

Great Southern Outdoors offers an awesome deal on a His and Hers Deer Hunt Special. Nestled on 6,000 acres of privately owned land in Alabama’s Blackbelt region, Great Southern Outdoors is a beautiful place for you to enjoy together.

So much has changed with our World in 2020. With quarantines, masks, travel restrictions, and such; I feel like what people are really looking for is a place to feel normal. People are still wanting to go on vacations, but life is different these days. Why not consider hunting as your romantic getaway vacation?

I’ve been doing a little research, and I see many states reporting a surge in hunting and fishing license sales, this year. With many businesses closed, people are looking for fun things to do. People are tired of sitting and home. Deer activity isn’t affected by Covid-19 and you can’t get much more socially distanced than in a tree stand.

Have you been stuck at home for a few weeks or even a few months? Have your kids been home with you? Are you stressed out? Send the kids to Grandma’s and come visit Great Southern Outdoors. The woods are quiet and peaceful. Put your phone away and relax. Ladies, it’s a vacation where you don’t need a make-up bag and don’t have to figure out what to wear. Guys, you don’t have to ask her where she wants to go eat, just for her to say she doesn’t know.

Deer Hunting in Alabama Hunting trips together can be extremely intimate. Whether you are both experienced hunters, both new hunters, or one of each, hunting offers a unique way to bond. During your hunt, you will enjoy the beauty of God’s creations. Sunrise and sunset are always glorious times of the day. I personally love watching colorful birds and playful squirrels. As a meat hunter, I’m happy to drop the first big doe that I see so that I can stock my freezer.

With commercial meat prices rising and the occasional mention of food shortages, I feel like this is going to be a really big deal this year. Of course, when I see a big-bodied, monster rack, the buck I get very excited and can’t wait to see his head on my wall. After each hunt, the two of you will have all kinds of stuff to talk about.

Great Southern Outdoors’ His and Hers Deer Hunting in Alabama Special allows for each hunter to have their own stand and their own harvests. Of course, if you want to sit together, we can make that happen too. You may both harvest 1 Buck (8 pts. or better, outside the ears), 1 Doe, and 2 Hogs. That’s potentially a lot of meat!

Speaking of lots of meat, you are going to eat well while you are at Great Southern Outdoors. Our food may be as popular as our hunts. You will enjoy huge Southern-style meals after each hunt, and there is always something to snack on. We offer a variety of Coca-Cola products, sweet tea (and unsweet, if you prefer), and are always happy to make a fresh pot of coffee.

While at Great Southern Outdoors, you will enjoy sleeping in a private room with a private bathroom. Our lodging includes most of the comforts that you would expect at a hotel. Our beds are comfy, and all linens and towels are provided. Our professional housekeeping staff takes great pride in making sure that your room will be clean and sanitary.

If you’re looking to get away and reconnect, please consider deer hunting in Alabama, as a couple, at Great Southern Outdoors. Call me, JD, today at 334-738-5066, and let’s pick a date for your adventure. (Prices vary by date)


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